I made a Happy! :3

It’s this cat’s name from the anime Fairy Tail….


Here’s the original:


And voila my creation!



Minus the wings, haha.. I duno how I’d pull that off xD

This was for a friend’s birthday! I think the name is quite fitted the cat, or even just cats in general, since they always look like they’re grinning 😀

Happy cat!


Clay things

A bunch of old (a couple-years-ago-old) crafts made from modelling clay :3 I used Sculpey, which if you’re not familiar with it, is a bakeable clay that hardens in the oven.

This is mostly just a bunch of random stuff; pieces for a find-four game, two sets of pieces for checkers games, some magnets, and some parts of the Pumpkin board game that will be shown below.

This is just a random idea. I glued on the marble after baking cause I was afraid it would melt in the oven xD.

The following are a couple parts of a father’s-day-gift project for my dad; I bought one of those mini wooden houses from dollarama that have 12 miny (a couple centimeters wide, long, and high) room, then made a bunch of mini furniture and people, baked them, and glued them in so it’s like a mini dollhouse. My dad loves my miniature clay things, so I thought this would be a good gift for him :).

(This one’s a painter with a canvas and paintcans).

This is the only pic of this post that wasn’t made of Sculpey- I used model magic for the pumpkin patch. (It’s an airdry type of clay). I prefer Sculpey, but this is one of my favorite clay things. A couple of the vines broke off :S

Next are parts of a board game I once made – inspired from a friends’ awesome board game. She made a similar one for more general gardening and I wanted to try making a variation and using clay to make most of the parts.

We were really craftsy a couple years back xD

All my other stuff! :3

I thought this would be a cool idea for table place mats. Maybe with a blue tablecloth, to resemble a pond? The flower is from a pattern, the lillypads are improvised.

Fuzzy prickles! 🙂 One of these still sits in its rightful place on my shelf. I believe I may have used a rough pattern as a guide but improvised a little.

The first cactus I made! I don’t even remember how xD But I was so proud.

The monsters from under your bed >:S Did you remember to check? 😉 I used a picture to think of this idea but I made up the pattern as I went. My favorite piece of improv so far!

“Let us leave!” “… lettuce leaf? *crunch crunch*.” LOL! Everytime I see lettuce I think of that quote from Avatar The Last Airbender. Actually, this was a part of the Christmas tree I made for the craft sale. But it will always be a piece of lettuce to me.

A bunny and a kitty :3 both were sold to a local craft shop.

I have discovered… the secret of making donuts :O

A bunch of my stuff all piled together xD

This one was completely improvisation. Turned out pretty well 🙂

For this one I actually followed a pattern xD One of my favorite. And I still have it I think!

The shape of this reminds me of a gumdrop xD Followed a pattern for this one too.

Would these be called hedgehogs or porcupines..?

Took so long to get them to stand like this xD

My happy penguin family! :3 I had like seven of these at one point, lol… now they’re all gone!

These are the perfect, no-water-needed, indoor decoration plants 🙂

Mini cupcake and coffeemug, both from patterns.

Easter time! 😀 (well it was then)

Trio con brio!

I am so proud! 🙂


I made three pillows.


Actually, since these were completed, I made several more (I may take pictures sometime soon and post those too) but these were my first three.


I barely even used a pattern!


My lovely fuzzy trio!


Plus a zebra, cause I made this at the same time. xD


Yeah I know, it’s shape is a little odd. I wanted something original and unique.

I used multicolor yarn, hoping it would turn out to look like strips. And it kinda did!

Again, I used no pattern here. I barely do xD.


Here are some photos of some old stuff I made for a Christmas craft sale once…

Not all of it sold. I still have the Christmas tree xD It took soooooo. freeeeaakkiiing. looooonnng. to make. Not even joking. It might of even taken longer than the big squishly non-inflatable purple fuzzy ball.

Some of the rest I gave to the little japanese skaters I was volunteer-assistant-coaching 😀

It was fun!


The big squishy non-inflatable purple fuzzy ball

Anyone get the NigaHiga reference? xD

I obviously spend way too much time on youtube 😛 And I’m barely on at that….

I mostly just go on there to look up choreographies or dances.

But that’s off the point.

Here’s the promised big squishy non-inflatable purple fuzzy ball….


… turned into the grandest octopus ever 🙂


This was a commission for a friend. She loved it!!! And it must have been the biggest (and definitely the most time consuming) thing I ever made xD

The ol’ bunny days…

I remember this xD It feels like years ago. Oh wait, it was.


This was the first actual thing I ever crocheted! :3


By actual thing, I mean like something that actually resembles what it’s supposed to be xD Instead of just a mass of loosely assembled chains and stitches. 


Ta-dah! 🙂




I believe this may have been a present for a friend… either way, I no longer have it, but a picture brings back a great memory 🙂