Who said cats are photogenic? xD

This is what became of my last photo-shoot attempt.

Hey there!

Come here and look at the camera :3

No no, up here!

Yes, go ahead and move just as I’m about to take a pic.

*blank stare*

“Hey Lucy, look at me!”

(I’m up here).

Fine then.

I’m bored. Goodbye.

Talk to the tail.

*Sigh*. xD Some of them aren’t that bad I admit. But  you can never take a good picture on purpose with a cat hahahah xD At the very least not with this one.


Our meowing, scratching, opera-singing, fetching, sleeping, morning-alarm-clock, purring machine.


Called Lucy :3 Her cuteness almost makes up for her constant noise-making. Just kidding, that’s cute about her too. When it’s not at 6am.

She literally makes you trip over your feet to get her food. Though that may be partly because she herself goes under your feet so you have to trip over them just to not step on her. That cat runs around like a crazed chicken.

In the picture above, my friend is trying to get her to sit on top of the HUGE crochet muffin I made (I have another one that looks more like a cupcake :D) so I can take a good picture.

We forgot to take into account that cats not only like being told what to do, they can predict what it is and take special care to not do it.

This may be the perfect time to share one of my all-time-favorite quotes: (I’m not quite certain on who the author is)

“In order to keep a true perspective of one’s importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him.”

That stuff is gold.

Sadly we do not have a dog to fulfill that. We just have an ignoring, food demanding, fluffy ball of cuddles.

But you know what, I think that’s enough 🙂


This is one of the best pictures I was able to take of her. I’ve learned that to take pics like these, one needs to master the art of slinking around inconspicuously with a camera to capture just the right moment xD (or in my case the better masked iPhone).


Here she is… in the top shelf of our closet. She made herself a nest amidst our winter scarves. And I have no idea how she got up there xP

Maybe cats can secretly fly.

Or they have learned from us how to construct a ladder.

I’m still going with the flying hypothesis.

At least she wasn’t able to do anything about my taking pictures 🙂


I guess she was in a good mood here.


Cats are perfect lap-warmers xD


But more often she doesn’t like being paparazzied :/


*blank stare*. You win, Lucy. ❤