Who said cats are photogenic? xD

This is what became of my last photo-shoot attempt.

Hey there!

Come here and look at the camera :3

No no, up here!

Yes, go ahead and move just as I’m about to take a pic.

*blank stare*

“Hey Lucy, look at me!”

(I’m up here).

Fine then.

I’m bored. Goodbye.

Talk to the tail.

*Sigh*. xD Some of them aren’t that bad I admit. But  you can never take a good picture on purpose with a cat hahahah xD At the very least not with this one.


3 comments on “Who said cats are photogenic? xD

    • Haha thanks! I have no clue xD some shoots are better than others… the trick is catching them off guard or while they’re doing something ;D Or maybe when they’re sleeping, haha xD Btw I love your crochet creations, they’re so inspiring! I love to crochet too. 😀 Do you make up the patterns ahead or as you go?

      • Aww that’s so nice, thank you 🙂 I love you work as well, so adorable.
        I usually make patterns up as I go, which can be a real pain constantly having to restart and recount but in the end it feels great.

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