Weather gone wild >:S

This was a couple years back…. it is, however, impossible to forget xD

Here’s Ottawa for you, folks!! The “ink stain” on the map. My family refers to it like this because we once consulted a weather map and at first my parents thought that in the spot where Ottawa was supposed to be, there was just an ink stain… because it was literally a spot of crazy weather in the middle of nothing else xD

And this is why:


Heeere we go….


I feel cold just looking at these xP This was a pretty fun backyard slide though! 😀


Our poor neighbour’s house was practically buried xD


On the bright side, the snow made a lovely afternoon walk!


However its’ looming presence outside our window was a little… unsettling.



I hope no one needed the swings xD


2 comments on “Weather gone wild >:S

  1. Being West Indian, I am not used to snow, I have experienced it on a couple visits to Maine. It was nice, when I was indoors and could look at all that white stuff covering everything. The wind chill factor when I did go outside was a different “kettle of cold”, so I don’t envy you all that pretty white stuff.

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