Some sites for all you paranoiacs out there

Here’s a word that describes me well: PARANOID.

I’m always the one who’ll be helping friends with computer work at lunch at school and asking “Did you save??? Did you save????” Every five minutes. It’s gotten to the point where even while writing on paper my mind sends out constant reminders to save my document….. oh wait, I can’t. xP

You know you’re paranoid WHEN… xD

In my defense, my past technology trained me rather well. There was the old laptop which had RSDD (Random Shut Down Disorder), the computer with FFF (Freeze For Fun), and an ghost-like internet that liked to come and vanish as it pleased.

So, I’ve set up a pretty good system of defense. And here it is:

  • Google Docs
  • Emails

Google Docs is very useful because even if your computer decides to zonk out on you, you can access it from anywhere by signing in to your google account! Aha. It requires a google account. Since I have gmail, this was no problem for me. I really think having another account is worth it though. Google Docs includes a collaborative mode where you can edit the document with other people who have google accounts, you can file your work into folders, add images, hyperlinks, etc., and do basic formatting. Plus, it AUTOSAVES! xD The paranoiac’s pot of gold.

If that doesn’t work, emailing work to yourself or saving work on your email (sometimes at school I begin writing a paper as an email addressed to myself to be able to access it anywhere) is an alternative.

As for bookmarks, is my saving grace. I previously had them saved as links on a google site that I made, and this turned out to be a real lifesaver when my computer huffed its last tired-out puff. Then I switched to delicious because it has so many other features – tagging, sharing links with others, creating stacks (which I’m still not sure how they work but they sound cool :D).

I am sharing this because I have heard waayy too many stories of classmates’ computers dying right before an exam and all their notes were saved only on the computer, or the computer losing an important paper that is due the next day….

We now have no excuses left xP Go ahead and be paranoid! It has saved me too many times to ignore 😉


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